Battle of the “ax” teams: Addax in best position to take team title

After yesterday’s superb race by Sergio Pérez, Addax has taken the lead in the GP2 team championship by a point, just ahead of Rapax.

Now, with Maldonado and van der Garde highly unlikely to score points tomorrow, the race is on between Pérez (starting 8th) and Luiz Razia (starting 2nd).  With points much tighter today, the key for Razia will be to obviously stay ahead of Pérez, but also take the fastest lap point in the race.  Maldonado, starting in 17th place will very likely make a mad dash for the top-10, necessary requirement for the fastest lap point to be awarded, and could seriously help his team’s bid.

If it comes down to wins, Rapax has won 6 races this season (all feature races) while Addax has won 5 races (2 feature + 3 sprint).

It will be tight today, and Luiz Razia has a golden chance to make up for a season that started out strongly but has gone downhill.   Unfortunately for Rapax, on the other end is a motivated Pérez, with little to lose and 2nd place in the drivers championship secure…


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