Farewell to DPR

Much lost in the turmoil of this weekend is the bit of news that today is DPR’s last race in the GP2 Series.

DPR was one of the original teams to join GP2 in 2005, graduating from a season in the Formula Renualt V6 Eurocup.   During that initial season, DPR had its best showing, with French driver Olivier Pla winning 2 Sunday races for the team… the only wins for DPR until this season’s win by Ricci on Sunday at Budapest.

The team, for several years now out of the hands of David Price, has been owned and managed by Andre Herck, arguably as a controlled place in which son Michael could develop his racing career.  The team has since been regarded as a bit of an outsider, and has been unable to be competitive as few paying drivers understandably wanted to drive alongside the “owner’s son”.    A long list of partially-paying drivers have paraded through that second seat at DPR:  Giacomo Ricci, Diego Nunes, Andy Soucek, Franck Perera, Johnny Cecotto and Fabrizio Crestani… and that’s only the GP2 Main Series.

Now, the GP2 Series has granted access to 2 new teams, Carlin and Air Asia:  one occupying the slot left open by Durango’s desertion and the other taking DPR’s place as the organization did not renew the team’s contract.   Without digging too deep into the politics of this decision, the GP2 organization has opted for more stability and less eccentricity… can’t say I disagree.


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