Will Red Bull back Ricciardo in GP2?

Red Bull Junior Team driver Daniel Ricciardo has been quoted as saying that he hopes Dr. Marko and Red Bull will continue to back him in GP2 next year.

Surprising to hear these comments from Ricciardo who, knowing Dr. Marko and his mentality, is probably walking the Red Bull tightrope at this point.  His unexpected and in-extremis loss to Aleshin in the WSR finale this season probably hurt Ricciardo much more that if he would have lost it weeks earlier.  Helmut Marko is not one to take loss well, and he will not flinch at canning Ricciardo, even if his track record to-date is solid.

Now, Ricciardo hopes to leave WSR behind and move to the big leagues.  His WSR team, Tech 1, is not in GP2, but his British F3 championship winning team is: Carlin.   As Carlin is an new name in GP2, could Red Bull be up for sponsoring the team in the series?

If so, Ricciardo is the obvious choice with Vergne as a possible teammate, if Red Bull can drop WSR once and for all…


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