ART GP2/11 runs in Lotus livery at shakedown

(c) GP2 Series

Picture courtesy of the official GP2 Series website shows the new ART GP2/11 in full Lotus colors, driven by Esteban Gutiérrez who has already been confirmed by the team.

A definite change from the 5 years of red and white we were used to!

Check out the great pictures on the GP2 Series website from today’s session:

Now, the cars are off to Abu Dhabi for the February tests, where they will meet up with the second cars for each team.  Next week’s tests will still use the “old” GP2/08 cars for the last time in their GP2 cycle.


4 Responses to ART GP2/11 runs in Lotus livery at shakedown

  1. Duarte Alcântara says:

    Nice photos. As these cars and teams are the only ones elected for the 2011 season, can someone explain me why they are using old and maladjusted numbers? Fore example iSport is number 1 car in Paul Ricard. I don’t believe they are champions neither individual nor collectively.


  2. Fletcher says:

    Ugly looking cars! I’m not to impressed with Bianchi so I think Gutierrez will be ahead of him in the standings by year end 2011.

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