The final DPR charade in Abu Dhabi

I thought about this after day 1 of testing was over… but thought: “No, it can’t be”.  But after today’s session… hmmmmm.

With Michael Herck doing a solid job in his final runs with dad’s DPR Dallara, it is quite intriguing to see the second DPR pull off a single installation lap and pull into the pits, never to be seen again.  Behavior impeccably repeated both yesterday and today.

I don’t know DPR “driver” Camilo Zurcher.  All I know is that he has raced a variety of cars in Colombia, the US and Europe, and that he has worked as a mechanic at both Coloni and Trident.  Now, and with all my respects to Camilo, what the heck is DPR trying to pull off and why is he acting the part in this sad, sad charade?

This is clearly Andre Herck’s last hurrah… making a partial mockery of his final run in GP2 with this team, and doing the complete minimum to not get fined, while blatantly laughing in the face of the series organization, not that they particularly care any more.   We would all agree that today no serious driver would consider paying for a test with this team, and those usually filling in at the team were probably busy with whatever excuse they could come up with.  Though DPR’s track record attracting drivers since the Herck takeover has been bad (putting it generously), their exclusion from the 2011-2013 GP2 team roster has marked the team’s complete downfall.

Though I am not aware of the specific reasons why the GP2 organization decided to exclude the team (though I can imagine why), this behavior only serves to reinforce my belief that the decision was a good one.   These immature charades only serve to damage the image and strength of the GP2 Series.  Thankfully, a racing series that in 3 days DPR’s owner will watch from a completely new perspective: the stands.


10 Responses to The final DPR charade in Abu Dhabi

  1. Vincent LS says:

    In the other hand I don’t really understand why DPR is allowed to be at this test… They will not be in GP2 next year so why testing young drivers ?

  2. gp2 insider says:

    The end of season test is part of the 2008-2010 GP2 Series contract, even if it makes very little or no sense at all. Your question is the specific reason why DPR has no drivers to test… young or old!

  3. Felipe says:

    I disagree. Sound like a tribute to a mechanic, a former driver, that probably always dreamed to drive a GP2 car. And he only did one lap a day, purposely slow. Nice.

    GP2 treats his fans carelessly, has a website without news… GP2 can’t charge professionalism.

    • gp2 insider says:

      Felipe, that is a very kind and optimistic read on the situation. Like I said, I don’t know Camilo and I’m sure he’s a great mechanic. But 2 things: First, he has not worked for DPR, so the “tribute” bit is a stretch. And second, it is quite reckless to put an inexperienced driver in a 600bhp race machine, endangering other drivers and undermining the seriousness of what they are all trying to achieve.

      Regarding your second paragraph, I agree GP2 could be more open and communicative with its fan base. That, though, is not a lack of professionalism.

  4. Jas says:

    I doubt Andre Harck will be on the sidelines of GP2 for long, be interested to know exactly the deal he has with Coloni. Remember he started out in a small stake in DPR before buying David Price out of the team and moving the operation to Italy.

    The only good thing for GP2 is I’m sure he’ll be looking at F1 for young Micheal and will no doubt buy into a drive and probably into a team so he gets his say in how his boy is run.

    • gp2 insider says:

      Great point and something to keep in mind, both for a gradual takeover of Coloni or an eventual F1 drive for Michael.

      For me the sad thing is that Michael has actually improved significantly since his debut in GP2. He obviously needs the money/budget, as do all the others, but he could greatly do without the cloud of his dad everpresent in his career.

  5. Leigh O'Gorman says:

    Harsh, but fair on the DPR front.

  6. Marcin says:

    Two points. Are you sure Herck drove same chassis both tests? I haven’t check car numbers I must admit but it might be that Herck tested both cars. Probably nobody paid to drive other car, or that was a plan to field Herck and do handful of laps in other chassis?!

  7. Fletcher says:

    I think Micheal Herck was the most improved driver of 2010 but that’s my opinion. Wonder how he would do if he landed at Barwa Addaxx

    • gp2 insider says:

      As I have always said, I think Michael is good, solid driver who has shown great progression. Not sure if he’s the most improved or not this season… sounds like a good topic for the next poll!!

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