Super Nova’s season to forget

Super Nova is one of those classic teams in both F3000 and GP2.  Brilliant drivers have passed through the team impeccably run by David Sears, including Juan Pablo Montoya, Mark Webber, Sebastien Bourdais, Giorgio Pantano and Adam Carroll, winning 4 F3000 driver titles in the process.

The step to GP2 was initially a good one for Sears and Super Nova, with the team finishing 3rd in the 2005 inaugural season due to the strong season from both Carroll and Pantano.  The following year proved quite disappointing, with a promising José María López failing to prove his talent on track, and with Fairuz Fauzy adding zero points to the team’s tally.

Since then, Super Nova has had up and down seasons, even reclaiming that 3rd position in 2009 with a great season from Luca Filippi.  Yet in 2010 the team once again matched its worst finishing position, 9th place, after the team never really got off the ground with its 2 rookie drivers: Ericsson and Kral.  In May we wrote a post about Super Nova’s gamble and how it had yet to pay off.

Though the season improved, I am sure Sears expected much more from the highly-touted Marcus Ericsson and from a growing Josef Kral, though surely Kral’s untimely injury in Valencia probably prevented the Czech driver from evolving throughout the season.  Though the team was able to add some points, and even win the Sunday race in Valencia, ultimately racking up 19 and finishing ahead of Coloni by just 1, Super Nova must be hoping for better in 2011.   As I wrote in that post, the bet by Super Nova was either brilliant or foolish, and though it’s easy to judge after the fact, I would just leave it at a season to forget.

Five different drivers tested for the team in Abu Dhabi, with only Jake Rosenzweig and James Jakes testing for more than one day.  Oliver Turvey also tested for the team, as well as González, Ericsson and Sam Bird.

Though Ericsson seems to be drifting towards another team, Super Nova has a nice group of Brits to choose from, should they come up with the budget. Any one of the 3 Brits that tested, or even the more inexperienced Rosenzweig would make for a balanced lineup come 2011.   Though now more a midfield team that a top team, Super Nova’s reputation should help it brave this troubled season and once again be challenging for wins in the next GP2 season.  Best of luck…


3 Responses to Super Nova’s season to forget

  1. Karim says:

    No money for Turvey…

    Lost RSF support,not able to support him 2 years.

  2. sauber11 says:

    Insider , wake up )) Giedo just signed for Addax , Leimer recently for Rapax.
    Soon, before Christmas Rossi and Arabadjiev promised to name their plans.

  3. Pete A says:

    Trident quietly confirmed Stefano Coletti inbetween the shakedown at Paul Ricard and the Abu Dhabi tests. See the story I did here:

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