Will it be a Bianchi-Grosjean battle?

Jules Bianchi has drawn first blood at the inaugural GP2 Asia race in Abu Dhabi.    Bianchi pipped Grosjean at the start and never looked back, with the Frenchman probably remembering Fernando Alonso’s futile attempts to overtake Petrov in last year’s F1 finale at the same track.  The UAE track is noted for its lack of overtaking spots, and Romain can surely back-up Alonso on this one now.

Though a pretty uneventful race, after the scary crash caused by Dani Clos’ stranded RE car on the grid, we now see that drivers are going at it with no thoughts of championships or points.  The race was a nonstop spectacle of outbraking, pushing and nudging here and there, where many were still coming to grips with a very new GP2/11 car.

Most notable is that 2 of the championship favorites, probably THE favorites for many (including most GP2i readers), were ahead of the pack.  Strong drivers like Bird, Pic, Ericsson, vd Garde and Razia were caught in the lap-by-lap struggles while the 2 Frenchmen pushed on ahead.  Only a very convincing Davide Valsecchi, making us remember his 2010 Asia season with iSport, was able to more or less keep up the pace – giving an ecstatic Air Asia team a podium in its debut race.

Pity about Max Chilton’s penalty, my pick for surprise driver of the year, as he was defending 8th from Coletti yesterday.  Great comeback from the Monaco driver, though, after a couple of troubled races with Durango in 2009.    Also notable was Josef Kral, who is clearly aiming to put his name up among the favorites.

In today’s sprint race we will see if these 2 guys try and push up the field or if the “others” can pull away and make it their race today.  Later today we will see if this will be a French battle for the title, or if there’s still a fight in this very, very short “championship” series…


3 Responses to Will it be a Bianchi-Grosjean battle?

  1. Fujer says:

    Bianchi was very impressive today, i think he will be very hard to beat in both asia and main series. I was also very pleased Ericsson showed everyone that it was mainly the Super nova car that was slow last season. I think he can be a top 3 contender for the main series.

    Remember when he was in F3 over in Japan and he struggled at the first races but when he got his maiden F3 win there was no stopping him that year after that. Only a very strong VW engine stopped him from a super year in F3.

    I think now when he feels he can drive with the best he will be very dangerous in the main series 🙂

  2. Luiz Razia showed us that his Lotus is the most similar to the Chapman’s one yesterday: as Pedro Lamy did in Imola’1994, he crashed a stalled car on the grid

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