Bernie belittles GP2 Asia

Amidst the many unfortunate comments made in the past days by F1 boss Bernie Ecclestone, especially as documented by Adam Cooper in both his website and Twitter account, one has greatly centered my attention… and should stir up some emotion in the GP2 organization.

In statements to the BBC (listen to the audio bit), Ecclestone said regarding the cancellation of this weekend’s Bahrain race:  “And as you know we pulled the GP2 race. It’s the Asian series, so it’s not terribly important, and it doesn’t give a bad message to anybody…”

Hmmm… if I was Bruno Michel or a CVC board member, I’d be seriously pissed off.  Better yet, if I was a GP2 team I’d be questioning what the hell the teams are doing there in the off-season (not just this year, but any year), selling impossible-to-sell seats to drivers and wishing this series was over as quickly as possible.


7 Responses to Bernie belittles GP2 Asia

  1. Leigh O'Gorman says:

    It was a stupid thing to say, but Bernie has made a habit of saying the wrong thing in the last few days. That entire interview was quite ridiculous.

  2. Mouse says:

    He simply said what everyone in the business thinks. Politically unfair, but true.

    • gp2 insider says:

      Oh… I couldn’t agree with you more, and if you read my posts on GP2 Asia it would be crystal clear. I would just expect a reaction from BM or his group, though it would clearly be defending a very losing proposition.

      • Mouse says:

        I didn’t say I do not agree with you about the consideration the teams have about the Series. As most of us, I work in it and I know GP2 Asia is a pain for the Teams and it’s useless for many reasons, but… I just say that in our environment GP2 Asia value is much lower than the Main. It is not as relevant as the Main or the WSR 3.5.

        • Leigh O'Gorman says:

          Question for both – what do (or did) you make of this year’s entry list considering it had what is essentially the Main Series driver line-up?
          Did it give it any extra value or was it still considered a pain?

          • Mouse says:

            It’s still a pain. It’s a financial problem. 400k € more is a lot of budget for most of the drivers today, and many teams sold their seats at lower prices. That’s the financial problem. The GP2 Asia cannot finance itself, from the Teams’ point of view.

            BM got his money anyway, and complaining with Bernie is equal to leave the place to someone else next year 🙂

          • Leigh O'Gorman says:

            Although should Bahrain be out of the motor racing picture next year (possible), will the Asia Series even exist? It’s not like they’re going to any other circuits…

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