Rapax confirms Leal… did the team expect more?

Surprised a bit to see Julián Leal close out the Rapax team lineup for the 2011 Main Series season.  Why?

Well, though Leal may very well prove to be a competitive driver after he gets some races under his belt, I am sure it is not what the Rapax team had in mind after pulling off a championship 2010 season with Maldonado and Razia.

The investment, be it what it was, made by the Rapax team was to significantly raise the awareness and level of the team, pulling it up from the mid-field standing that the team had enjoyed as Piquet GP in its previous seasons.   The rebranded team managed to pull it off, convincing Maldonado to sign with them and getting a consistent Razia to contribute significantly to a team championship effort.

For 2011, Rapax was one of the first to sign a driver, getting Fabio Leimer to commit to the team.  Leimer, who started off strong last season but quickly faded, is a fast driver who should find his way this season.  Either troubled by the arrival into such a competitive series or hindered by a sub-performing Ocean team in 2010, Leimer should find the right tools to pull off a significantly better 2011 season.


One Response to Rapax confirms Leal… did the team expect more?

  1. Verde says:

    I found out some information about Leal’s career and it’s absolutely far from some bright conclusion: 9th in AutoGP, 20th twice in World Series by Renault and a 6th in Euro 3000 contesting against seven or eight rivals.

    I really cannot see what Rapax, which is supposed to maintain the same quality of last year, is doing by hiring him. Wasn’t REALLY anybody quicker and wealthier than him available? And Fabio Leimer doesn’t seem to be the one to save the day for the italian scuderia as well. Good driver for an average team, but need some miles more to climb up to a top team. Hope I’m wrong, but 2011 seems to be a bit nebulous for Rapax.

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