Rookie of the “year”… goes to?

As we await the decaffeinated showdown of the 2-race GP2 Asia “series”, it struck me that no rookies have scored any points in these 3 races so far.

With Coletti a partial rookie, having raced in GP2 previously with Durango in 2009, the highest ranked one so far is Palmer, ahead of the highly-touted Gutierrez and ex-Toyota man Andrea Caldarelli.   Yes, the 3 weekend series has been shortened by the events in Bahrain, but I would have expected at least the ART driver to rack up a couple of points so far in these races.

The increased competitiveness this year, as drivers are keen to learn the ropes of the new GP2/11 chassis is no doubt a major factor, but I cannot help to wonder how that figures in when considering the whole point of GP2 Asia…


One Response to Rookie of the “year”… goes to?

  1. F2 says:

    GP2 officials are disagree with you, Insider 😦
    From their magazine with the same name as yours:
    “Of the rookies, Stefano Coletti finished top, becoming the frst GP3 graduate to take a GP2 win in Abu Dhabi…
    Coletti is top Rookie GP2’s rising stars”.

    Strange fact, Stefano is surely not a rookie.

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