“New” GP2 team for 2011 season

According to the press release from the announcement today by Team Lotus’ acquisition of Caterham, they will apply for permission to rebrand Team AirAsia with the legendary sportscar brand.

Air Asia will remain as the team’s lead sponsor, team boss Tony Fernandes announced today.

The move may be a predecessor for what is to come in F1 circles, as a verdict on the Lotus brand is soon to be announced.


Is GP2 Asia now “the” path to F1?

Watching Davide Valsecchi in FP1 at Malaysia this morning it dawned on me that all GP2 Asia champs are, or have been, in F1!

Grosjean (double champ) was briefly in F1 and is widely expected to return, while Koba and Valsecchi are both there – though in clearly different roles.

Maybe the Asian series has a strong correlation to success after all?  Does Bruno Michel know something that escapes the rest of us?  Hmmmmm…. just something to think about.

More changes for Silverstone Test

Apart from the move by Johnny Cecotto from Super Nova to Ocean, more changes on the horizon for the test, reported by Italiaracing today… but not necessarily for the season:

  • Super Nova will test Luca Filippi (in Cecotto’s old seat)
  • Ocean will test Cecotto and German F3 driver Kevin Mirocha
  • Carlin will test 2nd year driver Oliver Turvey, with Mikhail Aleshin sitting out the test, and surprisingly will not be racing this season with the Carlin team
  • Coloni will test Davide Rigon – filling in the vacant seat left by James Jakes – temporarily used by Filippi in the Imola GP2 Asia closing race

Stay tuned…

Cecotto with Ocean at Silverstone

Well… the plot thickens!  Cecotto has just announced on his Twitter account that he will be testing with Ocean at Silverstone.  So, contractual problems may be the cause, but Cecotto is still an interesting target for fledgling teams like ORT.

Cecotto contract falls through

I had heard some rumors but was not quite sure it was fit to publish this information… but seeing that Super Nova will be at the Silverstone test with Fauzy and Luca Filippi is a good indicator that this is true.  Not sure what has happened, but what seemed like a solid linkup has failed as the teams prepare for a tough and competitive GP2 Main season.

Cecotto is mainly backed by Venezuelan lubricants company Venoco – once a private competitor to the almighty PDVSA, but now also infiltrated by the all-reaching tentacles of the Chavez administration.   Now, the team led by David Sears finds itself with few budget-worthy options for this year, especially after a lackluster 2010 with cast many gray clouds over this historic team.

Let’s follow closely who shows up at Silverstone, since a seemingly full GP2 Main grid may still have some surprises in store for all of us.