Best of Monaco feature: KC

After an outing in Barcelona well below his standards, Karun Chandhok put in a stellar comeback at Monaco.  Initally qualifying 10th – not great but solid – KC slipped back at the beginning with the momentary chaos at the Saint Devote chicane.    Making that chicane cost him positions, but saved him from the post-race carnage rightly imposed by the race stewards.

KC battled with a frustrated Maldonado and a still unrecognizable Valsecchi, eventually pitting early.

Karun emerged near the back, as expected, but with little traffic to slow down his strong pace.  Meanwhile in positions 8-12, drivers battled and slowed themselves, allowing KC to position himself well when these began pitting for tyres.  Karun emerged in the top 10, even overtaking teammate Parente, and putting in solid laps behind the group where D’Ambrosio and Filippi were battling it out.  At the end, KC was able to build a nice lead over the people behind him, effectively avoiding the pile-up at Loews which left Mortara out and Parente terminally wounded.

Strong race, good comeback and a good starting position from the front row in today’s sprint race.   Careful with Pastor… if you don’t believe me, ask Koba!