Who was missing in Abu Dhabi?

Though in general terms the end of season Abu Dhabi tests were not very relevant for many drivers (old car, old tires), it is nonetheless a chance to sit behind the wheel of a 600hp GP2 racecar.    That said, and given the number of seats and days available (96 seats over 4 test days), there were many “current” GP2 drivers missing from this post-season test.

For the fun of it, let’s run down the list of drivers who didn’t make it to the Yas Marina tests:

  • Jules Bianchi –  really didn’t need to be there, especially if there was still any doubt about his physical condition.  With one seat taken by Gutierrez, ART probably asked Jules to sit this one out while they sold the second seat to interested drivers.
  • Davide Valsecchi – his remaining budget was spent on his half-day HRT test.  He will be back in 2011, though I doubt it will be with iSport
  • Giedo van der Garde – focused on his F1 bid, Giedo probably didn’t want to be seen in a GP2 car anymore.  With Maldonado’s confirmation at Williams, his chances are dwindling and we may still see him on the GP2 grid next season.
  • Christian Vietoris – I thought he’d be around for sure.  Fully recovered from his untimely appendicitis, I would have thought Vietoris was anxious for some seat time.  But probably Gravity decided to spend its budget on putting Sims in a GP2.
  • Max Chilton – Though I expected him in Abu Dhabi, his shakedown run with Carlin is indicative of where he’ll be next season.  No reason spending money with other teams.
  • Vladimir Arabadzhiev – After his Lotus F1 run, I thought Vlado would stick around for GP2.  I would be surprised, though, if he’s not in this year’s GP2 Asia grid.
  • Johnny Cecotto – Pretty much the same story as Chilton.  Rumors have been linking him to Air Asia and Lotus for several months now.

All in all, a good number of the 2010 GP2 grid thought it a good idea to stick around for this 4-day test.  Let’s see who ultimately makes it back into the series for next year.


6 Responses to Who was missing in Abu Dhabi?

  1. qjuewe says:

    have gp2insider heard rumours of the possiility of alvaro parente being with team air asia and lotus in 2011?

    Just curiuos

    • gp2 insider says:

      Have not heard this rumor. Obviously, Parente is a great addition to any GP2 team and clearly deserves an F1 chance… but we all know in today’s F1 world, money is more important than pure talent.

  2. sauber11 says:

    I wonder what will happen with Vietoris , cause with Hulkenberg story is there need to put money in another german driver for gravity.
    Also from Rac.Eng. testing release i understood there will be at least 1 new driver ( i think Clos+Merhi or Rossi). I think if Vietoris continue he will step back to DAMS.

    Also i think\guess Valsecchi will stay with Isport. He wants to, he has the money and i dont think Jackson will prefer rockie.

    Julian Leal signed for Trident in gp2 asia.

    • gp2 insider says:

      I would be very surprised if Valsecchi stays with iSport. Don’t have any info, but just a hunch that they’ll both be looking for other options next season. Maybe I see him more at Rapax next year or Racing Engineering…

  3. Pete A says:

    I would expect Max Chilton to race for Carlin – his wealthy dad Graeme owns Carlin through his Capsicum Motorsport company. I would expect him to be joined by Mikhail Aleshin who won FR3.5 for them, complete with Russian sponsorship money.

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