Update: GP2 Asia grid

Current working grid…send me confirmations when you have them so we can build up the list together.  @gp2asia lineup


43 Responses to Update: GP2 Asia grid

  1. Big' says:

    [QUOTE=ivanalesi;2561395]Arabadzhiev will be with Piquet for Asia and then will decide for Europe.[/QUOTE]

  2. Hannah Banana says:

    One very simple guesstimate: Michael Herck at DPR… How could you have left that one out?

  3. Paul Davis says:

    Alexander Rossi to Ocean-

  4. sauber11 says:

    Davide Valsecchi to Isport at Abu Dhabi.

    Interesting move, lets see how he performs there.

  5. Robbe says:

    Will Bratt has won Euroseries 3000, he will drive GP2 Asia with Coloni.

  6. Spudy says:

    Marcus Ericsson is doing the first race for ART not Bianchi

  7. Will says:

    Razia confirms a seat for Barwa Addax in Abu Dhabi

  8. Robbe says:


    Piscopo and Vietoris with DAMS.

  9. Patrik says:

    so who are we missing?

    oviusly the test this weekend might sort some questionmarks, But who is looking for a F1 seat instead? with possibly 4 new teams coming in(Lotus,Manor,USGP,campos)

    Of the big names from last season I’m missing Van Der garde,Maldonado,Di grassi,petrov and fillipi(in a way also D’ambrosio and Parente)

    Petrov surely looking for F1 seat.

    Di grassi is maybe looking alsewhere or is he going to partner Kubica?

    VdG might go with Arden

    Maldonado, Might be time to move on or go to somewhere else, seems to have lost the plot and often makes silly misstakes.

    Fillipi might go to Arden or stay with Super Nova

    d’ambrosio, should be looking for a seat in GP2 2010 in the top teams or maybe look for a 1 seat was quite fast at the Jerez test.

    I think that this weekend will see a grey, foglike picture clear out a little!

    • gp2 insider says:

      Other guys missing are Javi Villa, Kobayashi, Valerio, Zuber… Rodriguez has already confirmed he’s skipping Asia to concentrate on an F1 ride with Campos (welcome to the list!).

      • David says:

        Past champions (so Kobayashi) can’t enter and Zuber said he was stopping GP2/GP2 Asia racing at the end of 2009 GP2 season. Drivers such as Pic, Kral, Afanasyev, Hanley, Meijer, Al Fardan, Vasiliauskas, Rigon and Iguchi are all possibles as well.

        • gp2 insider says:

          Very right about Kobayashi… had slipped my mind. Regarding Zuber, it’s a wise choice that not many drivers are able to make. All the others you mention seem like probably candidates, no doubt, Rigon being one I particularly like but who unfortunately has zero budget.

  10. Robbe says:

    I’m sure we will see Rodolfo Gonzales in GP2 or maybe GP2 Asia with the PDVSA money. He tested for Arden…

  11. Diogo_Massa says:

    Parente is 99,9% confirmed in Virgin-Manor. 😉

    • gp2 insider says:

      Wonderful news Diogo. The fact that Manor is so quiet – especially compared to Campos – makes it quite clear they have things under control. Very happy to see Alvaro will get a well-deserved F1 chance. Any idea on when announcements could be made?

  12. sauber11 says:

    Cecotto with Trident.

    By the way , all F3 euroseries and WSR drivers will absent from abu dhabi testing , i wonder how this will affect their performance ( for example Valsecchi will have 2 days testing at Abu Dhabi , while Turvey only 30 minutes practice).

  13. Big' says:

    According to Italiaracing,Rodriguez with Coloni.

  14. Patrik says:

    isn’t there 9 places left?

    Arden,Durango,Meritus 2 seats each
    Super nova,DPR and Coloni 1 seat each


  15. Big' says:

    Kral with Jakes at Super Nova.

  16. haho says:

    Diogo_Massa, what is your source?

  17. Spudy says:

    Parente will not be racing with Manor I am 99% sure of that.

  18. Spudy says:

    Rodolfo is confirmed at Arden not sure for how many races though. Rodriques is not doing Asia. Durango, do you know if they are racing? I heard a rumour that they have pulled out.

    • gp2 insider says:

      Durango has pulled out of GP2 Asia and is questioning their presence in GP2 Main next year. Apparently, the final hit was Valsecchi’s transfer to Barwa when Grosjean went to F1. Nice story, but seems difficult to believe this is the cause.

  19. Spudy says:

    actually ignore the rodriques comment, he is with coloni.

    • gp2 insider says:

      Well, actually I have contradicting information on Rodriguez. Though he has been confirmed in Italiaracing and Autosport, his entourage in Valladolid (home town) said last week they are not doing Asia… I guess we’ll find out tomorrow.

  20. David says:

    Piscopo has Formula Two races the weekend of Abu Dhabi so he’ll be missing from one of those series. I hope there is a replacement for Durango – they were apparently close to entering Superleague Formula earlier this year but looks like they are in trouble now as a team – don’t think it could be a driver issue and I don’t really understand why the Coletti crash halted their participation so much. Bonanomi, Bottas and van der Drift could find themselves seats.

    • Mekola says:

      Piscopo has decided to turn down his F2 commitment at Barcelona and take profit for his GP2 Asia season opener instead. Frenchman Tristan Vautier will replace him in F2.

  21. Nick says:

    We will see G.Ricci back in DPR. Why they can’t attract new drivers?
    I think DPR need a manager!


    • gp2 insider says:

      It sure is surprising that they can only get Ricci in that car. I would have thought more drivers would have been interested in the “cheap” GP2 Asia this year.

  22. Patrik says:

    Does anybody know if there is a timekeeping site up yet for AD?

  23. Spudy says:

    Valsecchi quickest in testing this morning. Rodriques looks like he is there so he will be driving. No Durango at all.

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